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Nutritious and delicious.

It’s a fact that students who eat nutritious meals perform better in school. Our mission is to provide wholesome snacks and meals every day, created with your child in mind.

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We are thrilled to bring you a lunch program provided in partnership with the esteemed Rosen Inn Lake Buena Vista. Together, we are dedicated to offering your child a delightful culinary experience that combines nutrition, variety, and flavor.

Inclusive Kosher Policy

Respecting All Faiths

We believe in fostering an inclusive environment that celebrates and respects the diverse backgrounds of our students and their families. Our Kosher Policy is an integral part of our commitment to accommodating the dietary needs and religious practices of all our students.

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Peanut-Free Environment

Ensuring Safety for All Students

The safety and well-being of every child is our top priority. We maintain a strict Peanut Policy to create a peanut-free environment that ensures the safety of all our students, regardless of their dietary needs or allergies.

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Love in a Lunchbox

Nourishing Your Child's Day

A well-balanced and nutritious lunch is not only essential for fueling your child’s day but also an opportunity to show them love and care. Our ‘Love in a Lunchbox’ guide provides you with valuable tips and ideas to pack healthy and enjoyable meals for your child each day.

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Kosher Policy

As a Jewish organization, the Rosen JCC maintains a Kosher Food Policy. This policy, as it relates to our Early Childhood programs, is:

  1. There will be no mixing of dairy and meat, and there are no pork or shellfish products allowed in our facility.
  2. Early Childhood Learning Center permits children to send in meat or dairy meals, but cannot combine meat and dairy together.
  3. All snacks served by the JCC will be dairy.
  4. All meat that is served (in a purchased lunch or for a special event) will be kosher-certified meat, although it may not be prepared in a kosher kitchen under rabbinic supervision.

For the JCC’s complete Kosher Policy, please contact us and we will be happy to provide it to you.

Peanut & Tree Nut Policy

You have all read the headlines and seen the news stories: food allergies are a growing concern in schools and camps across America. Millions of children – children who are perfectly healthy and normal in every other way – must watch every single bite they eat, or risk suffering a severe or even life-threatening reaction. Some of our students have serious peanut and tree nut allergies. A child with a serious peanut/tree nut allergy can suffer a reaction merely by touching a peanut/tree nut containing food. Therefore, we have put the following safety guidelines into effect:

  • Please do not send any peanuts, peanut butter, or foods containing peanuts or peanut butter to school.
  • Please do not send any tree nuts (e.g., almonds, walnuts, cashews, etc.) or foods containing these items to school.
  • We will not be doing any classroom projects that involve using peanuts or tree nuts.
  • Please let your child’s teacher know a few days ahead of time when you would like to celebrate your child’s birthday, so that the food-allergic child can provide his/her own safe treat, if necessary.
  • We will be extremely careful about the ingredients in all of the food items that the school provides.
  • Parent-provided “Healthy Snacks” are limited to uncut fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • If your child ate peanut butter for breakfast, please make sure that his or her hands are washed with soap and water before leaving for school. Water alone does not do the trick!

For some children, all nuts are poison. Peanut butter is particularly deadly to anaphylactic children because it sticks to surfaces, cutlery, hands and faces. We have established these guidelines to make our school a safer place for all children. To do this, we need everyone’s cooperation. A small amount can kill. We realize this request poses an inconvenience for you when packing your child’s healthy snack and lunch, however we wish to express sincere appreciation for your support and understanding of this potentially life-threatening allergy.

Love In A Lunchbox

As parents concerned about their children’s health, education and welfare, we all have a responsibility to provide good nutrition for our children. This will not only keep them healthy but will teach them the basics of a well-balanced diet.

The JCC’s Kosher Policy (see above) applies to all age groups. Infants drinking milk-based formulas can be offered their bottle anytime after meals, including those containing meat or poultry. Naturally, infants’ nutrition should never be compromised. Keep in mind that your child needs less food than you suspect and that children usually eat when hungry and enough to maintain the proper growth rate. All foods sent to school must be pre-cut for the younger children and age appropriate. Popcorn and uncut grapes are a choking hazard and are not permitted. Be sure to include all utensils. The children may not share foods at lunch. Always be sure to include a beverage.

We recommend that lunches include food from the following groups:

  • One serving of fruit and one serving of vegetables OR two servings of fruit OR two servings of vegetables
  • One serving of protein (including eggs, cheese, soy, fish, poultry or meat)
  • One serving of carbohydrates (grain products, cereal or crackers)

Here are some creative ideas to get you started:

  • Think snack sizes with everything you pack, including sandwiches. Make sandwiches appealing by cutting them into fun shapes with a cookie cutter.
  • Vary the types of bread you use. Try mini bagels, rolls, muffins, pita pockets and tortillas.
  • Nut Free — please do not pack peanut butter or other nut products. Sunflower seed butter and soy nut butter are great alternatives.
  • BOCA nuggets with veggie straws, blueberries and string cheese.
  • Pasta with cheese, cucumbers, a banana and vanilla yogurt.
  • Sandwich fillings using egg salad, tuna or sliced cheese, with pretzels (two years & older) and fruit.
  • Waffles with blackberries, raspberries and vanilla yogurt.
  • Chicken nuggets, rice, a banana and Jell-O.

If you have special feeding needs for your child, please speak to your child’s teacher.

We hope you will find these ideas helpful and that your children will enjoy nutritious lunches at school.

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